Here we go again.

Work out your russets from your maris pipers.

Who are you?

We are a collective of students and graduates who want to show how the co-operative model offers a viable alternative to exploitative landlords, inflated rent, and poor living conditions. We first got together in late 2019 to work how we can make our dream of sustainable, affordable, and community-led student housing a reality.

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative (or co-op) is any organisation that is owned and controlled by its members. This could be its tenants, employees, consumers or producers. There are over 7,000 co-ops in the UK.

What is a housing co-operative?

A housing co-operative is a property run and managed by its members. They provide affordable, high quality housing and empower their members to make decisions in the interest of the co-operative. There is no landlord, which means that housing co-operatives require self-governance managing costs and making decisions regarding what is required of the members.

What’s the point?

Student housing cooperatives offer an escape from a housing market monopolised by exploitative landlords and poorly maintained, overpriced student homes. A housing co-op celebrates people over profit.

Joining a housing coop means you become your own landlord. Each co-operative members’ rent is at or below market rent and goes towards paying the mortgage and maintaining the building.

Members have the chance to learn new skills and live in a supportive community.

As the property is owned and managed by its members, everyone has a vested interest and stake in how it’s run.

Do you have a house?

Not yet – we are meeting with architects and scoping out potential buildings. This is an exciting stage to join MASH coop – you’ll get a say in where we eventually call home!

How do I get involved?

Click here to become a member or sign up to our mailing list to keep updated!

Do I have to be a student?

Yes and… no. When we have somewhere to call home to the co-op, all members must either be a student or within 2 years of graduating. This will help new members learn from older members as the co-op grows. Being a student doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to university either, we’ll take anyone in some form of formal education (e.g. apprenticeships, college, PHDs).